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This club aims to bring together people from different backgrounds and enable them to learn the latest Google Development platforms. We welcome anime watchers, gamers, the goofy, and those who would like to dip their foot into the world of tech. We welcome all kinds of spices.

This semester we will be focusing on Application Development in Python, Introduction to Machine Learning, and Web Development -- so stay tuned!

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  • Einstein Essibu

    Einstein Essibu

    Google Developer Student Club

    DSC Lead

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  • Sean Ebenmelu

    Sean Ebenmelu

    Calvin University

    Events and Planning Lead

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  • Germaine Hounakey

    Germaine Hounakey

    Calvin University

    Recruitment and Relations Lead

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  • Richmond Yevudza

    Richmond Yevudza

    Calvin University

    Financial Lead Manager

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