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Developers Student Club DSU, powered by Google Developers is a non-profit community that aims to inspire great minds to innovate in the field of technologies provided by Google. Developer Student Club provides equal opportunities to Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering students to become the next Innovators, scholars, leaders, and visionary professionals.

DSC@DSU is a part of the community in DHA Suffa University lead by Syed Muhammad Abu Ateeque, which aims to provide a platform for students to learn and innovate in the field of technology using Google technologies like Android, Web, Flutter, Firebase, TensorFlow, Google Cloud and many other.

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  • Syed Ateeq

    Syed Ateeq

    Google Developers

    DSC Lead

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  • Tarun Kumar

    Tarun Kumar


    Tech Samurai

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  • Bahawal Baloch

    Bahawal Baloch


    AI Shinobi

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  • Ali Shan

    Ali Shan

    Digital Door

    Flutter Ninja

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  • Abdul Raoof Bughio

    Abdul Raoof Bughio

    Nucleus Solutions

    Creative Director

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  • Abeer Shaikh

    Abeer Shaikh

    Vice President

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  • Shifali Kalra

    Shifali Kalra

    Femme Tech

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  • Amina Kazim

    Amina Kazim


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  • Sarah Nasir

    Sarah Nasir

    Datos Dali

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  • Nimra Nasir

    Nimra Nasir

    Daten Sander

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  • Muskan Halani

    Muskan Halani

    Marko tics

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  • Tarun Kumar

    Tarun Kumar


    Data Scientist

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