Peer-to-Peer Internship Panel

Hunter College
Tue, Sep 22, 2020, 7:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Learn how six DSC members landed their internship at Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and NASA.


• Ananay Arora - DSC Lead, Arizona State University. Interned at Apple Inc.

• Areeba Aziz - DSC Lead, McMaster University. Interned at Amazon Inc.

• Devin Martin - DSC Lead, Howard University. Interned at NASA

• George Martin - DSC Lead, Morgan State University. Interned at Google Inc.

• Jane Illarionova - DSC Lead, University of Toronto. Interned at Microsoft

• Maxine Nzegwu - DSC Lead, Cornell University. Interned at Facebook


• Introductions

• How did I end up at...

• Q&A


  • Ananay Arora

    Ananay Arora

    DSC Lead

    Arizona State University

  • Areeba Aziz

    Areeba Aziz

    Amazon Inc.

    Software Development Engineer Intern

  • Devin C. Martin

    Devin C. Martin

    Howard University

    DSC Lead

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  • George Martin

    George Martin

    Morgan State University

    DSC Lead

  • Jane Illarionova

    Jane Illarionova


    Software Engineer Intern

  • Maxine Nzegwu

    Maxine Nzegwu

    Cornell University.

    Interned at Facebook

  • Organizers

  • Isabel Abonitalla

    Isabel Abonitalla


    DSC Lead

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  • Moody Rahman

    Moody Rahman

    DSC Core Team: Events

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  • Nancy Ng

    Nancy Ng

    DSC Core Team: Outreach

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  • Ghazanfar Mumtaz

    Ghazanfar Mumtaz

    DSC Core Team: Events

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  • Steffen Loh

    Steffen Loh

    DSC Core Team: Vice President

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