So what basically React is ? Want to know more about React ?

JSPM's Jayawantrao Sawant College Of Engineering
Sun, Nov 29, 2020, 4:00 PM (IST)

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React has garnered enormous attention in the Frontend šŸ“œ world for its simplicity, scalability, and in general, is a joy to use. šŸŒ The React ecosystem is vast and diverse and anyone can get lost in it with the choices.

So what basically React is? Want to know more about React? ā‰ļø

So DSC SVCE and DSC JSCOE is organizing a šŸ¤ webinar on React JS on Sunday, 29 November 2020.

We will have Mr. Akshay Mandalia, Founder of Data code as a mentor of the event.

šŸ¤© Here are the details of the event

šŸ—“ļø Date: 29 November 2020

šŸ•“ Time : 04:00 - 05: 00 PM


  • Akshay Mandliya

    Akshay Mandliya


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  • Sanket Patil

    Sanket Patil


    DSC Lead

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  • Mahesh Gavhane

    Mahesh Gavhane

    AR Head

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  • Gayatri Sankpal

    Gayatri Sankpal

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  • Rushikesh Kumavat

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    IoT Head

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  • Chaitanya Abhang

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    Graphics Head

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  • Neeraj Pardeshi

    Neeraj Pardeshi

    Cloud Head

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  • Pratik Ghodake

    Pratik Ghodake

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  • Bhunesh Argnoor

    Bhunesh Argnoor

    Machine Learning Head

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  • Chinmay Pardhikar

    Chinmay Pardhikar

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  • Prasad Wakchoure

    Prasad Wakchoure

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  • Anup Rao

    Anup Rao

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  • Dilip Solanki

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  • Dhanashree Zurange

    Dhanashree Zurange

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  • Dattatray Waghole

    Dattatray Waghole

    React Developer

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  • Siddhayya Mathapati

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