Playing with Git and Github

KIET Group of Institutions
Sep 27 - Oct 6, 2020, 5:00 PM (IST)

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About this event

Welcome to this mini-series of- ā€œPlaying with Git and Githubā€.

It is framed to be a collection of 4 hands-on sessions, covering all the bits and bytes of Github starting from the ground level. We will be exploring the advantages of git, installing it in our system, making commits, pushing our code to Github, creating our first pull request, and much more.

Do watch the entire series and start using Github in your development workflow.


Session Details:


  • Ritik Srivastava

    Ritik Srivastava

    Full Stack Developer

    Ritik is a Full Stack Developer, Core Team Member at Developer Student Clubs KIET, and a pre-final year undergraduate engineering student. He has vast experience working on and managing various community projects. You can find him on the web as ritiksr25

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  • When

    Sep 27 - Oct 6
    5:00 PM (IST)


  • Mayank Shakya

    Mayank Shakya

    DSC Lead

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  • Ritik Srivastava

    Ritik Srivastava

    Head of Projects

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  • Shubham Singh

    Shubham Singh

    Head of Design | Flutter Developer

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  • Shashank Jaitly

    Shashank Jaitly

    Content Creator | Backend Developer

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  • Rohan Mehta

    Rohan Mehta

    Head of Tech

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  • Anshul Gupta

    Anshul Gupta


    Head of Anrdoid Dept.

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  • Aakanksha Shivani

    Aakanksha Shivani


    Head of Flutter Dept.

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  • vidit jha

    vidit jha

    Android Developer

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    Android Developer

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  • aniket pudmaansh

    aniket pudmaansh

    Frontend Developer

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  • ishita jaiswal

    ishita jaiswal

    Frontend Developer

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  • Nidhaan Srivastava

    Nidhaan Srivastava

    Frontend Developer

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  • satyam sharma

    satyam sharma

    Flutter Developer

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  • Priyanshu Sharma

    Priyanshu Sharma

    Backend Developer

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