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Developer Student Club is an initiative by Google that aims to create university based communities for students interested in Google developer technologies and flourish these communities with a technological mindset and a vision to create-innovate-collaborate to build solutions for a better tomorrow.

This club is aimed at inspiring and training students who will encourage other students on their campuses to learn newer areas of technologies that will equip them with the right skill sets as they step out of colleges to join the workforce. Through in-person meetups, university students are empowered to learn together and use technology to solve real life problems with local businesses and start-ups. As this club is a Global community, everyone has access to reach out or connect with people across the globe, learn things together, solve problems together.

This club has a clear vision to nurture future developers and leaders and create a pool of highly skilled tech workforce, which is readily employable by the Industry and helps spur innovation.

Vision :

Our vision is to identify and support university students who are passionate about growing developer communities that foster learning, sharing and collaboration. This platform is specially designed to cover the gap between theory and practical applications for student developers.

With regard to placements, being in technical clubs/ student projects have a very large advantage. While most people are able to prepare for aptitude tests, group discussions and personal interviews are two important aspects of a professional life, where students who are members of projects have an advantage.

Due to the numerous discussions that teams have throughout the year on designs, manufacturing, simulation, testing etc, one develops a good temperament for having healthy discussions. Also, most of the student projects take interviews while they hire students so it acts as a good practice for future placements. Finally in the personal interview, you are normally asked to speak about what you have done in college and speaking about the work that you have done in the project will help you score vital points in the interview.

The primary and the most promising vision of this technical community is to make students industry ready and prepare them for the ongoing competitions in the outer software development industry.

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