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National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad (NUST)

NUST is some of the most prestigious universities in Pakistan, overall ranked #1 in Pakistan and < 100 across Asia. The main campus is based in Islamabad with other campuses at Rawalpindi, Risalpur and Karachi. 

Within two decades, NUST has glorified it prestige by producing quality graduates and researchers of high calibre to meet the growing demand of the 21st Century. NUST has secured its diversity by creating an eco-environment for people of all backgrounds to a centralized environment where people talk about productivity and growth. NUST is recognized for its high-quality research orientation and quick implementation in society due to ever-expanding industry-academia linkages. Keeping in mind creativity and innovation as its core values in all scholastic activities. Make sure to give our official website a visit for further information. 


Is a community platform for students that can build solutions for local businesses and their community. With the sheer aim of growth, DSC NUST has been doing their level best to provide a platform to young brains in order to develop and build on a global scale. The community has active members of tech geeks lead by Muhammad Kumail who had personally mentored uncountable personalities for their industrial advancements. 

Last year NUST hosted DevFest which is numbered among one of the biggest tech events in Pakistan. The students also actively participated in national events such as CloudSeekho and global events such as Google Solution Challenge. 

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  • Muhammad Kumail

    Muhammad Kumail

    National University of Sciences and Technology

    DSC Lead

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  • Muhammad Uzair Hasnain

    Muhammad Uzair Hasnain

    Creativity and Design Lead

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  • Alina Shoaib Qureshi

    Alina Shoaib Qureshi

    Partnership and Collaborations Lead

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  • Muhammad Asim Khaskheli

    Muhammad Asim Khaskheli

    Developers Student Club NUST

    AI/ML Lead

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  • Hassan Raza Bukhari

    Hassan Raza Bukhari

    Data Science Lead

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  • Eesha Arif

    Eesha Arif

    Project Lead

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  • Osama Akhtar

    Osama Akhtar

    Marketing Lead

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  • Muhammad Hassaan

    Muhammad Hassaan

    Operations Lead

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  • Anber Arif

    Anber Arif

    Developers Student Club NUST

    Project Lead

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  • Syed Ali Jaseem

    Syed Ali Jaseem

    Core Team Member

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