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  • Amit Tomar

    Amit Tomar

    DSC Lead

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  • aabhar bhatt

    aabhar bhatt

    Senior Technical head

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  • Akshita Rastogi

    Akshita Rastogi

    Designing Team Lead

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  • Rhythm Parashar

    Rhythm Parashar

    Management Team Head

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  • Krittika Diwakar

    Krittika Diwakar

    Content Writing Lead

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  • Dhruv Sharma

    Dhruv Sharma

    Android Development Head

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  • Tushar Agrawal

    Tushar Agrawal

    Flutter Development Head

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  • Arti .

    Arti .

    Technical team co-lead

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  • Rishi Goyal

    Rishi Goyal

    Kotlin development Head

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  • Prerna Mundra

    Prerna Mundra

    Designing Team

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  • Nitin Tayal

    Nitin Tayal

    Web Development Lead

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  • Ridhvi Kulshrestha

    Ridhvi Kulshrestha

    Communication & PR lead

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  • Sana .

    Sana .

    Management Team

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  • aayushi bohra

    aayushi bohra

    Marketing and Social Media lead

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