Shahzad Baig

  • MedKube, Founder And Managing Director
  • Karachi
  • Health, Wellness and Fitness
Business Enthusiast · Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning · Web Development · healthcare · Start-up enthusiast · Mobile App Developer

About Me

More About The Guy Shahzad has been part of tech communities as a volunteer/member which paved his way into leading his own chapter and being part of bigger communities and different people. The responsibilities he had being a member were to bring newer ideas on the table, help juniors uplift their current state and propagate their need driven goals into passion driven goals. As a Student of continuous learning, the main focus is to whatever he is being part of, he makes sure that he extracts the most knowledge out of it further implementing into practicality hence changing into continuous learning. He is currently part of a Healthcare startup as Mobile App Developer, facing newer challenges and opportunities available in the domain, honing his skills into various aspects. Other technologies that Shahzad have worked on includes, NodeJS, ExpressJS, ReactJS as a web app developer and ASP.NET Core for backend RESTful Apis building. His current aim is to master his current knowledge and move onto hot technologies i.e. Artificial Intelligence through Python which is a long term plan to be in action. Beside his technological professionalism, He has a keen interest in business models and disruptive entrepreneurship. His prior experiences include drop-shipping models, drop-servicing models and currently working on one of his own Project MedKube, that focuses on changing the way Healthcare is accessible to common people. The project compacts of diverse plans and ideas that has to be implemented in order to re-invent the day to day need of healthcare for each patient. In the remaining part of his time, He is currently working on a reforming idea how Education relates with co-curricular activities, and how students faces difficulties in their early growth stages. The responsibilities that revolves around the idea is to let students know about their future and to connect them with productive people, rescheduling their daily time into a fraction of productivity and open newer paths to them for learning and developing their life into successful self depended personality. "A single person knowing their aim in life through your help fulfills your purpose of being a human" -Shahzad Umar Baig