Aemie Hitesh Jariwala

Food · Flutter · Cloud Computing · Dart · Devops · Graphic Design · Full-Stack Development · Blockchain · Git · Entrepreneurship · Machine Learing · Python · UI-UX Design · Node Js · NLP · Firebase · Computer Vision · Leadership · REST API · Dialogflow · React · JavaScript · Tensorflow · Chrome Extensions

About Me

Namaste and As-salamu Alaykum! Don’t be so astonished, I am born in Gujarat, India, and lived in Dubai, UAE for 10 years. So got to say, respect both cultures and love Arabic. I am 20 years currently and along with being a tech enthusiast, I am a huge fitness freak. I love exercising (Yoga Mainly). I love Basketball, throwball, volleyball, and athletics. I am a tiny person but I have a lot of energy & enthusiasm. Now let’s talk about my technical abilities. I major in web development as to date but I also know Blockchain, ML, CV and I create chrome extensions and CLI too!